About Event

With the theme Building to Connect, YTL Cement Virtual Seminar Series 2020 focused on 5 series:

  • Road
  • Perfect Wall and Floor
  • Eco-Sand
  • Building and Infrastructure
  • Cement and Concrete.

The seminar series created a platform for industry players, experts and regional businesses to bring forth technological innovations in the construction industry.

Virtual Seminar

Way forward: Advancement of concrete pavement technology

10am – 11am | 7 Aug 2020
Sahruzi Sahari

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Best practices for concrete pavement using fixed form

11am – 12.30pm | 11 Aug 2020
Dr. Zack Lim

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Cement-treated base (CTB) for heavy duty pavements in Malaysia

11am – 12.30pm | 18 Aug 2020
IR. Mohd Sabri Bin Hasim

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Precast concrete pavement: Does Malaysia need it?

11am – 12.30pm | 25 Aug 2020
Steven Tan

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Manufactured sand towards sustainable construction

10am – 11am | 8 Sep 2020
Dato’ Professor Ir. Dr. Eric Goh


Constituent materials for concrete

3pm – 5pm | 8 Sep 2020
Prof. Tam Chat Tim


Concrete strength, consistency and durability

3pm – 5pm | 22 Sep 2020
Prof. Tam Chat Tim


Strength and durability

3pm – 5pm | 29 Sep 2020
Prof. Tam Chat Tim


Design and construction of Merdeka PNB118 Tower: pushing the boundaries of concrete technology for megatall tower

10am – 11:30am | 7 Oct 2020
Ahmad Abdelrazaq, Executive Vice President with Samsung C & T Corporation

Ultra high performance concrete for construction and rehabilitation of pavements and structures

3:30pm – 4:45pm | 13 Oct 2020
Peter Buitelaar, Owner of Peter Buitelaar Consultancy, Netherlands

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Building Better: Answers to your crucial problems

3pm – 4pm | 18 Aug 2020
Ham Yean Chung, Bangee Goh

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Bring the best out of your wall finishes

10am – 12pm | 3 Sep 2020

Karen Mok, Man Yau Wai


Building Better: Roof to floor

3pm – 5:30pm | 25 Sep 2020

Ms Tan, Bangee Goh, Vincent Lim


The finishing that transforms houses into homes

10am – 12pm | 27 Oct 2020

Mohammad Faizal Bin Abdul Hamid, Ar. Chan Seong Aun, Zahira Maksom