At our core, we are about building the right thing. This legacy of building the right thing allows us to open the door to new opportunities, and is our trademark around the world.

We’re able to do this because the most important thing we build in value is people. We’re invested in building a family culture that has evolved over the years to form the foundation of our business. At the heart of our brand are five values:

These are the values that will continue to keep us strong as we move beyond 60 years and acts as an essential part of what it means to be YTL.


We are one of the largest cement producers in Malaysia, with fully integrated operations across the complete manufacturing value chain. Using our expertise and knowledge, we focus on providing sustainable values through industry leading products and solutions to our esteemed Partners.


Buildcon Concrete is the largest Ready-Mix Concrete player in Malaysia. In 2007, it completed its maiden project in Singapore, after supplying 100% of the concrete used to build the Resorts World Sentosa Integrated Resort. Buildcon Concrete is also an innovative and experienced leader in the supply of mass poured concrete foundations for high rise buildings. In 2017, it sets a world record for its sole supply of the largest continuous concrete foundation pour using ice, for The Exchange 2016 Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Construction Aggregates

We also offer a wide range of construction aggregates to our Partners. Through extensive R&D, we pioneered in manufacturing M-Sand which is now widely used in our concrete operations. Regarded as a like-for-like replacement to natural sand, concrete mixes utilizing M-Sand exhibits better qualities such as, higher strength, greater workability and eco-friendly.

Waste Management

We utilize waste from other industries and dispose them properly meeting environmental standards. By implementing this practice into our production supply chain, we help to mitigate the environmental impact from these waste volume.

Maintenance Services

As we grew, we recognized the critical importance of developing our own logistics operation to ensure reliable and timely delivery of our cement, concrete and aggregate products to our many Partners. In line with this strategy, we now own and operate one of the largest specialized truck fleets in Malaysia, totaling 1,000 tankers, mixers and tippers. YTL Technologies was founded to provide cost-effective maintenance solutions to our growing fleet, as well as related logistical engineering & equipment management solutions for our export and manufacturing operations.